Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New Addiction

Sorry I’ve been gone so long – between school/activities starting, the market collapsing and a death in the family, the last few weeks haven’t allowed me to focus enough to stop by here. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, and I look forward to a clearer head this week.

Even amist all of the chaos lately, however, I somehow stumbled upon Facebook again. And now I’m hooked.

I was invited to join last January, but didn’t really see the point. I knew maybe two people on it, and I wrote the whole thing off thinking that I was too old. It appears that in the last 9 months, however, that all of the old fogeys have now joined Facebook. (we’re just a little slower, see?)

It’s been great fun to see what some old friends and acquaintences are up to. And it totally satifies the voyeur in me that just wants to be nosy (and, admit it, don’t we all on occassion?). 

So now I have one more thing to do besides laundry.

Happy Sunday everyone. Have a great day!

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One Response to “My New Addiction”

  1. Karen Varelli says:

    I have a friend who calls it Crackbook. Look out it is addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!